• Christine

    The only truly vegan in our team. With plenty of gastronomical experience gained in England and much love for vegan baking she is the mother of many delicious vegan spreads and cakes. It's OK to fall for her (professional) drama and charm, you're in the very best hands!

  • Dirk

    The boss of chaos. From being a meteorologist to running a vegan cafe; nothing is impossible if you have plenty of passion and commitment for what you do. KAWA's imperfection shows his handwriting. He is KAWA's answer to our hero Jamie Oliver in matters of fun cooking!

  • Giada

    Our link to the home of exceptionally good cappuccino, true barista, amazing antipasti and tasty minestroni. As a trained confectioner and with years of experience in running a restaurant she steers the culinary fate of KAWA link nobody in our team.

  • Olga

    Designer, child of nature, product developer. Olga is the clear conscience of KAWA; she has unique knowledge of some of natures best kept secrets. Much of KAWA's recipes and produce is owed to Olga's creativity and in-depth knowledge about effects of herbs and vegetables on us.